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Friends of the Earth (FoE) has awarded the status of Bee world to SNGSA, the St. Nicholas Garden Spaces Association This is part of FoE’s campaign to seek protection for bees, and increase bees habitats.  BHFoE volunteers joined in with St. Nicholas volunteers, and volunteers from the general public who wanted to be active on Big Dig Day, to plant wild flowers and grasses seeds donated by FoE.
It  had snowed not long before, and it was a miserable March day, with cold rain and wind blowing so strongly that the gazebo and  our publicity leaflets had to be abandoned. But diggers and sowers soldiered on, with the help of local park ranger Mark. For months afterwards, we saw nothing, but now the sun has come out,  and we have a beautiful new flowery meadow corner in the churchyard, along Church street wall.  Bees are living not far, and they will get plenty more pollen to collect, over the months to come as many of the species planted will reappear each year.


The Big Dig in March!



After...Bees World early June

After…Bees World early June


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