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Growing a Feast!

growing a feast

Illustration by Philippe Nash

Students and staff from the University of Sussex are recruiting a network of people around Brighton and Hove to grow or make a single food ingredient over the summer (anything from planting veggies and growing herbs to baking bread and ageing cheese). Everyone will bring their ingredients along to a final event on Saturday 7th September at the University of Sussex where a chef will prepare the pieces in a shared feast. There will also be talks on Friday 9th and Saturday 10th August with speakers on the themes of food waste, permaculture, coffee and honey. Get involved by joining the facebook group here. You can connect with fellow feasters in the area, post pictures of your creation as it develops and find out the latest news and dates of the talks.

The aim is to promote sustainability in a simple way by connecting people with the food they eat. So whether you are a food-growing whizz or a complete novice, we encourage you to have a go and join us in Growing a Feast! Join at www.facebook.com/groups/growingafeast/

grow your own feast

Illustration by Aisling Leyden


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