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BHFOE recently complained to The Argus about its reporting of the Council’s decision on extending the 20mph speed limits across more areas in Brighton & Hove.  To its credit, The Argus published our letter in full, however, the editor, Michael Beard said the following underneath:  In response to Chris Todd, we carried out an extensive vox pop in Portland Road to gather views of residents and found the response was against it.  our reporter contacted Mr Todd as soon as he was able to.  Mr Todd is always welcome to contact The Argus if he wishes to make a point.  In addition, the fact that someone advertises in The Argus has no bearing whatsoever on the editorial judgment of the paper.

In response to Michael Beard, The Argus said that it spoke to 100 people in Portland Road, 43 of whom supported 20mph.  In terms of balance, we therefore felt that at least one, if not two, of the four vox pops quoted should have been supportive of 20mph, not all four against it.  This is not sour grapes, not least because we supported Portland Road being 30mph out of concern for the impact on the bus services.  However, we are concerned at the content and quality of the articles appearing on transport in The Argus.  More recently, there has been as article about how free parking has helped boost trade in the city.  Yet it contained absolutely no evidence to support this, other than anecdotal.  The most likely reason for shop owners having a good two weeks’ trade is the upturn in the economy and the fact that it’s only a few weeks to Christmas


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