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bee_hero_panelAll the hard work campaigning around the country has paid off and it’s great news for bees and for us, as the Bee Action Plan has been approved! Here’s the announcement from national FoE:

We’ve done it! Bees Minister Lord de Mauley announced a Bee Action Plan (he called it a National Pollinator Strategy). On behalf of everyone at Friends of the Earth – and every bee in the country – thank you. You’ve done something incredible.
Your emails, phone calls, and petition signatures have made their mark. Over the past week you’ve ramped up the pressure on MPs and our Bees Minister with over 20,000 petition signatures and hundreds of you picking up the phone.  Lord de Mauley acknowledged this, describing the “strength of feeling there is for bees and pollinators. A strength of feeling echoed in thousands of emails, letters and petition signatures over the past months.”
Bees need us almost as much as we need them. And you’ve come to their rescue in their hour of need, persuading the Government to step up.
Announcing a National Pollinator Strategy is an important step in the right direction. Now the hard work starts. It will still take some time for the Government’s bee-saving measures to be finalised. So we will need to keep up the campaign pressure. The detail is everything. Today is a day to celebrate, but we can’t ease off just yet.
The more we can do now, the more we can make sure the National Pollinator Strategy stays on track.

Read more on the Bee Action Plan here.


The bee campaign has elicited great support from bee-lovers around Brighton and Hove and we thank you for your involvement. Brighton-based musician Tom Sanderson was inspired whilst watching a Bumble bee flying from flower to  flower in his garden, and wanted to try to do something to help the bees. He has written a song  called “Bombus” (Latin from Bumble Bee) and all the profits from the track go to the Bumble Bee Conservation Trust. You can visit his website www.bombusmusic.co.uk  and listen/download the track on itunes.

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