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Seedy Sunday 2014

BHFoE had a stall at Seedy Sunday on the 2nd of February. The Brighton Corn Exchange’s hall was packed with exhibitors and visitors, so we attracted much interest for our current campaigns -as much as we had for our stall at the library which we kept going for a few weekdays.

We got 59 new cards signed to keep the momentum going for the Bee Cause.

Seedy Sunday 2014

Seedy Sunday 2014

11 cards were signed for councillors to oppose fracking (‘F is a dirty word’ campaign); this is good given that the card is only relevant to people living outside Brighton, as we are already ‘frack-free’. Then we collected 5 letters opposing exploratory drilling for gas/oil in the National Park at Fernhurst.

Some people took information away with them, so they may help/object online at home too. Many of our leaflets concerning energy issues went very quickly, as did those concerning bees.

So we can call this a success, and make sure we return next year! Thanks to all who helped.

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